40 Disgusting Photos That Show Us The Most Bizarre Flight Passengers Ever


Unusual, and unexpected.

We all travel, and while we’re on our journey, we sure do come across some of the most unusual and bizarre co-travelers. Maybe, you’re one of them too. Now imagine, the odd things that we all do while traveling are leaked and made public? Well, that’s what they call ‘Passenger Shaming.’

An Instagram account going by the same name shares some of the most unexpected moments recorded by people, flight attendants, and commissioners.

Take a look!

Who wears plastic bags on their faces?

I swear if someone did this to me, I’d cut their hair in half. Yes, I carry scissors while traveling

Gross, I’ll have to wash my eyes to unsee that!

What in the hell she is trying to do? Hey girl, boarding has started

Will someone kick him in the face on behalf of me, please?

I’m sure this passenger is flying to Las Vegas

Lesson learned: Never give your kids the window seat and sketch pens at the same time

No, it wasn’t the longest flight in the world

And this old man thought no one would ever know, sad

 Please say it to me, it was just an itch. Please say it to me!

He could’ve done worst, like crawling in there and getting his bag immediately

Passengers: Infinity War

 Hey stranger, peekaboo

I guess this man mistook the flight for beach

Cheesus Crust, save me! He’s a weirdough nut

Cheesus Crust, save me! He’s a weirdough nut

Yet again, kids and stickers… not a good idea

Hey hair, would you like to share some soda?

That’s from Germany!

Hola everyone!

I wonder how did it pass security check?

I guess he’s someway related to the same man who tried to heat pizza

This one is the worst, because she’s not only misbehaving with her co-passenger, but proudly poses for a picture


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