#Top 30 Breakup Messages for Boyfriend


Breakup Messages for Boyfriend. A breakup is not something you had on your mind but you still want it – just like how love was not on yours but you still pretended to. We have a collection of Breakup Messages, Quotes, Images, SMS, Shayaris for your Boyfriend.

Angry Breakup Messages for Boyfriend

The time has come to say goodbye, even though it will make me cry. You never thought that it would come to this, but this is your last kiss. Send Breakup Messages to him. We have a collection of Breakup Messages, Quotes, Images, SMS, Shayaris for your Boyfriend.

  • My love might be genuine yet there was an implicit condition when I gave you my heart – it’s yours lone as long as you cherish it. Goodbye.
  • I am saying a final farewell to you. Our relationship will pass on yet our affection will live on.
  • Breaking up will hurt me more than it will hurt you – simply like how being as one gave me more happiness than it did to you.
  • Breaking up with you isn’t my decision yet I don’t have some other choice – simply like how adoring me was a decision however you did it as though you had no other choice.
  • I never suspected that my affections for you would change however on the other hand, I never felt that you would change either. Goodbye.
  • I am a similar young lady who gave you my heart to love it. Rather you eroded it with malignance, a little bit at a time. Goodbye.
  • I left since you were occupied with discovering flaws in me, while I was caught up with disregarding yours.
  • Our separation will hurt me a considerable measure however I’d preferably repair a softened heart than choke up a dangerous relationship. Goodbye.
  • I am parting ways with you since I am tired of being a moment need to the individual, who has dependably been my need number one.
  • EVERYTHING is the main thing I lament about being with you. Goodbye.

Disappointed Breakup Messages for Boyfriend

Breaking up with him is not your choice but you don’t have any other option – just like how loving you was a choice but he did it as if he had no other option. Send Breakup Messages to him. We have a collection of Breakup Messages, Quotes, Images, SMS, Shayaris for your Boyfriend.

  • You will never be the person my heart sees and I will never be the young lady you need me to be. Goodbye.
  • I never envisioned that the person I had always wanted would give me bad dreams as well. The way you have changed, is the reason I am saying a final farewell to you.
  • The coldest of embraces and cruel kisses, shallow untruths and a blast of false guarantees. Add up to disregard and an undeniable absence of care, nonappearance of adoration and basically nothing to share. You have abandoned me with no choice however to, keep down my shreds and break with you.
  • We both realized what it would take to influence our relationship to work. The main contrast is that I anticipate doing those things while you turned away. Goodbye.
  • Now I understand that you didn’t change. It’s recently that you put on a show to be another person before all else. Goodbye.
  • There was a period when I cherished you like insane, and that will never show signs of change – dissimilar to YOU. Goodbye.
  • Our relationship was my entire world, while yours was outside it. Goodbye.
  • Before you ask me for what reason I need to say a final farewell to you, ask your heart for what reason it didn’t love me like how it should.
  • Breaking up with you is the main thing in my life that sounds horrendously wrong however feels profoundly right. Goodbye.
  • It’s not that I don’t merit somebody’s adoration. It’s quite recently that you don’t merit mine.

Stressed Breakup Messages for Boyfriend

Your breakup will hurt you a lot but you’d rather mend a broken heart than suffocate in a toxic relationship. Send Breakup Messages to him. We have a collection of Breakup Messages, Quotes, Images, SMS, Shayaris for your Boyfriend.

  • I never intended to make you extremely upset however you never tried to comprehend mine. Goodbye.
  • The time has come to state goodbye, despite the fact that it will influence me to cry. I never imagined that it would result in these present circumstances, yet this is our last kiss.
  • A separation isn’t something I had at the forefront of my thoughts yet despite everything I need it – simply like how adore was not on yours but rather regardless you put on a show to.
  • Our relationship was constantly about give and take… until the point that you quit giving however took constantly. Goodbye.
  • What truly harms, isn’t the means by which you influence me to feel like a failure today, however the recollections of how you affected me extraordinary some time recently.
  • I knew I began to look all starry eyed at you on the day when my heart turned into yours and declined to be mine. Today it’s a great opportunity to leave in light of the fact that your heart declines to be mine.
  • As agonizing as it may be, enduring grievousness is still superior to enduring your untruths. Goodbye.
  • I am saying a final farewell to you… perhaps I’ll lament this, possibly I won’t. However, it doesn’t make a difference, since I know you won’t.
  • I will never deny that I cherished you. Be that as it may, somebody has appropriately said that with time, things change… thus did you. Goodbye.
  • I need to say a final farewell to you. It isn’t so much that I have started to loathe you however this is on account of my heart has quit adoring you.

Breaking up with him is the only thing in you life that sounds terribly wrong but feels soulfully right. Send these Breakup Messages, Texts, Notes, Shayaris, Images, Greetings and also we have collection of  I Love you Messages for Girlfriend.


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